I did a horrible job at making Laharl’s outfit in Animal Crossing New Leaf, which I did a few months ago and feel bad about it. I realized the back of the shirt I made is completely inaccurate from his standing sprites in Disgaea D2.

Once I am done with Kiria’s outfit, I would like to revamp Laharl’s outfit and make it look better.

(I really need to know which color would go well for Laharl’s outfit in New Leaf for this question)
For his hair, should I go with dark blue or light blue? 

The Top Five Super Smash Bros 4 Newcomers I look forward to playing

I am super excited to play the latest and fourth entry of the Super Smash Bros series. To celebrate the countdown for its North America release, I will be counting down the top five Super Smash Bros 4 newcomers that I am looking forward to play as. Keep in mind that this list is all based on my own opinion and what I have read so far about them on Smash Wiki and the Internet. Unfortunately, this list will have to exclude Mii Fighters, since they cannot be played online with random people. Veteran fighters like Dr. Mario are not allowed to be in this list. Just because a newcomer is not in this list, it does not mean it sucks or is horrible to play. Also, these newcomers may not become my mains later on when I finally get the game.

Before I start, here is a list of honourable mentions that I wish I could make them be part of this list, but I find my reasons are not strong enough to support my arguments.
- Robin (Fire Emblem)
- Megaman (Megaman)
- Villager (Animal Crossing)
- Bowser Jr (Mario)
- Palutena (Kid Icarus)

5. Rosalina & Luma (Mario)
I don’t have a lot of things to say about her, but it’s nice to see a female character that does something different from the rest. I would also want to learn how to do combos with Rosalina & her Luma.

4. Duck Hunt Dog (Duck Hunt)
I severely underestimated the Duck Hunt Dog. I thought there is no way he could be a fighter in Super Smash Bros 4. I was proven wrong and I am glad to be. He actually has a very fun and unique moveset based on the NES Zapper games like Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman and Hogan’s Alley. I am looking forward to playing as him and taunt my opponents with his laugh when playing online.

3. Pac Man (Pac Man)
The reveal of Pac Man was a big surprise. I knew that since Namco is involved in making Super Smash Bros 4, they should get a character of theirs be in the game for all of the hard work they put in. I believe that Pac Man is the right choice, since it’s recognizable by many gamers young and old. His moveset looks very fun and his Final Smash is probably the best one I have seen out of all the newcomers.

2. Little Mac (Punch-Out)
I was jumping in joy when Little Mac got into Super Smash Bros 4. I just knew he had to be in this game because of Punch-Out for the Wii. By adding Little Mac to the roster, fans of other fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken would be interested in playing Super Smash Bros 4 and like to try Little Mac out. They can relate to Little Mac’s boxing moveset, since they may have played other boxing characters like Balrog, Dudley or Steve Fox.

1. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
There is an excellent reason why I had to put Shulk at the top of this list. His moveset makes him very different and special from the rest of the sword-wielding characters like Link and Marth. His Monado Arts move is frigging awesome, and they can really change the tide of battle. Being able to change your stats in the middle of a fight can really make you be one step ahead of your opponent. With Monado Arts, you have to think very carefully about which one to use since they have a cool down. When I play fighting games, I enjoy being a tactician and thinking about strategies on how to defeat my opponents. 

Another reason why I think Shulk deserves to be at the top of the list is that by introducing a character not many people heard of, it brings interests in other new games that Nintendo have made. Putting Shulk in the roster shows that Nintendo is not always working on the same Mario, Zelda or Pokemon games, and that they are working on IPs not many people heard of like the Xeno series which they got after acquiring Monolith Soft from Namco.

For those who complain about Shulk and claim that he is some anime character, I bet some of you said something like that to Marth and Roy from Fire Emblem when Super Smash Bros Melee came out, and that was when Fire Emblem was never released outside of Japan before.

Now that I know about Shulk, I look forward to playing as him and I am interested in knowing about Xenoblade and the other Xeno games.



This blog hasn’t had any action for a while, so I revamped it. Kind of unsure about playing this particular character independently, due to the negatives related to this game?? But, whatever, I like the Furi Furi characters and their designs, so it’d be fun to expand on them (SINCE THE GAME DIDN’T LMFOFFFH).

Hey, hmu. I’d love to get to know the now-SG fandom! 

The Saru Get Chu fandom has been very quiet, esp. after Furi Furi Saru Get Chu (or also known as PlayStation Move Ape Escape) was released. A lot of fans do not like to talk about this game, and some of us (including me) have ranted enough about it.

I don’t mind if you play as this particular character I have no idea who it is independently. I won’t mind you expanding on them, but it can be very difficult since their personalities are flatter than the Blu-ray physical copy of this game.

Super Smash Bros. Is Wrecking Some People's 3DS Handhelds

A Mii version of the Ninja from the Disgaea series. This version is based on his current appearance, which he has retained since Disgaea 2.

I would love to use him in Super Smash Bros 4, and I am thinking of making a Ninja class outfit in New Leaf.


He handled it with ease…

I wonder how long he would be able to handle with ease until Nintendo decides to fix that, which could happen in the near future.

Instead of complaining about how Dark Pit is a clone of Pit in Super Smash Bros 4, we should make a demand or some kind of petition to Mr. Sakurai to do a future update on the game which would give Dark Pit a completely different default moveset from Pit. In fact, there should be an update that give characters that were added at the last minute or never intended to be in the roster at the first place like Lucina, new and unique moves.

I have yet to get the North American version of the game, so I have no idea if Dark Pit’s other customizable moves are different from Pit’s. If someone has a Japanese copy of the game, I would like to know.

I am not too worried about the final build of Super Smash Bros 4, because there is a big chance of the game being updated in the near future. Maybe Sakurai wants to rebalance some of the characters in the roster, or add something new like alternate costumes or characters.

Nowadays fighting games like Street Fighter are getting updates that involve rebalancing the roster, buff up characters or nerfing characters.

I would love to see Nintendo and Mr. Sakurai continue supporting Super Smash Bros 4 after its release with updates, balancing, and DLC.

A complete remake of Rokuro Okajima’s shirt from Black Lagoon in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now, it comes with a Mii you could use in New Leaf or in Super Smash Bros 4 on your 3DS!The QR code page on my tumblr has been updated to have a link to this QR code.

A complete remake of Rokuro Okajima’s shirt from Black Lagoon in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now, it comes with a Mii you could use in New Leaf or in Super Smash Bros 4 on your 3DS!

The QR code page on my tumblr has been updated to have a link to this QR code.




Most of the colors are a near perfect match! That wine red is too light, but I tried for ages and it’s the closest I could get.

Hail the almighty hair guide


Sorry Roy fans but it looks like Roy got included instead of Roy.


Sorry Roy fans but it looks like Roy got included instead of Roy.